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Video "What is Neurofeedback"


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Prof. Manfred Spitzer. Geist und Gehirn. 4 series.

This DVD is available in German language only!

Very easy to understand, over 26 hours of entertaining information! The DVD-series is about the human brain and it´s sometimes seemingly incomprehensible secrets. The famous brain researcher Prof. Manfred Spitzer explains amazing and interesting subjects: Newest findings in brain research in 52 topics such as „Lerning during sleep“, „Wise in old age“, „Percipience when driving“ or about the „Mozart-effect.“

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DVD course by The Teaching Company

Understanding the Brain
(36 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)
Course No. 1580

Taught by Jeanette Norden
Vanderbilt University
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

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Because of the visual nature of the subject matter, this course is available only on DVD. It contains hundreds of images, animations, and on-screen text that support the professor's explanation of how our brains function.